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Concrete isn’t just a modern surface material. Cast stone and concrete have been used for not centuries but millennia and is one of the oldest and most durable materials you can use. While concrete is frequently used to achieve modern silhouettes; it's important to remember that you can achieve any look with you desire classical, Tuscan, or polished, organic looks as well.

Seamless Appearance

Where there do need to be seams in the material surfaces we are able to match and fill exactly in order to eliminate unnatural visual breaks in your countertop.

Superior Concrete

The other guys aren’t the same. We use the most advanced mixing techniques and materials to achieve exceptional quality.

We Are Precast Concrete

As precast concrete manufactures, we know exactly how to plan and create your new custom concrete countertops. We use our creativity and exceptional skills to create both practical and artistic concrete pieces that are used in residential & commercial projects.

We use precast in order to meet our high quality standards. We can control setting conditions optimally in our shop, to insure the elimination of bubbles and consistency of form, levelness, and color. We are able to vibrate our pour to create a denser product that also cures ideally in our controlled environment.

Skilled Concrete Artisans

Core Concrete, Inc. was founded by Brendon Bryant and Hollis Nixon and is located in Charlotte, NC. They believe that concrete can be used for more than just countertops and fireplaces. With comprehensive experience and bundles of creativity, these skilled concrete artisans create masterfully designed concrete pieces. These services are available to both residential and commercial clients. From sinks to countertops, Core Concrete, Inc. can help you design and create items for your home that are perfect for you.

By reimagining concrete, they have revolutionized how to use concrete in both practical and artistic ways. Core stands for “COncrete REimagined.”

These beautiful concrete designs are fuelled by Brendon’s love of design-build, which he discovered during his time in architecture school. With his architectural experience and design-driven concepts, he can plan, create, and install bespoke concrete pieces for both commercial and residential clients.

Concrete is versatile and the possibilities are endless. They believe that when it comes to concrete, anything is possible. With a little imagination and a bit of creativity, they can create concrete pieces that are both practical and beautiful. They specialize in bartops, tabletops, and slot sinks. However, they enjoy using their creativity to create other items like fireplaces, wet bars, and coffee tables. So, you can depend on Core Concrete, Inc. to design, plan, create, and install beautifully crafted concrete pieces for your home.

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